How to Take Delivery of Your Online-Purchased Sauna
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La oferta de verano finaliza el 22 de septiembre. Obtenga envío rápido gratuito con el código: SHIPFREE | Compre ahora, pague después con financiamiento con 0% APR
How to Take Delivery of Your Online-Purchased Sauna

How to Take Delivery of Your Online-Purchased Sauna

Navigating the process of purchasing saunas online comes with its unique nuances. With the aim to enhance this experience, we've tailored a detailed guide that ensures you're well-prepared to accept your sauna delivery, especially considering the specific delivery protocols associated with such sizable packages.

Understanding Your Sauna Delivery

Types of Shipments

  • LTL (Less-Than-Truckload): This is a commonly used shipment method for saunas, ensuring secure transportation without requiring a full truckload.

  • Flatbed Truck Delivery: For larger cabin saunas, these expansive trucks are employed to accommodate the significant dimensions.

The Packaging

Your eagerly awaited sauna kit will be securely delivered on one or two pallets, depending on its size, ensuring its integrity and safety throughout the transit process.

Scheduling Your Delivery

No unexpected surprises here! Every sauna shipment requires a pre-arranged delivery appointment. The carrier will reach out to you for scheduling, ensuring you're available and prepared for the delivery. This means your sauna will never just randomly appear at your doorstep; you'll always be informed and integrated into the delivery timeline.

What to Expect at the Time of Delivery

  • Liftgate Service: No need for heavy lifting! The delivery driver will employ the liftgate service to lower the pallet(s) safely to ground level, ensuring an effortless offloading process for you.

  • Curbside Delivery: The standard delivery protocol is to leave the sauna kit at a curbside location, which might be near your driveway or garage. It's vital to note that standard delivery does not include carrying the shipment to your door.

  • White Glove Service: If you're seeking a more premium delivery experience, the white glove service is sometimes available. This encompasses door-to-door delivery and can be arranged either by contacting us prior to ordering or after the purchase and we can run you through the options. Remember, this service comes at an additional cost, so it's advisable to discuss charges with the carrier beforehand.

Preparing for Your Sauna's Arrival

Space & Utility Preparations

  • Allocating Space: Ascertain that the intended location for your sauna is adequately measured and prepared, factoring in some additional room for ease of installation.

  • Electrical Connections: Ensure that you have the necessary electrical setups nearby to accommodate the sauna's requirements.

Assistance and Set-Up Tools

  • Gathering Help: Given the size and weight of the shipment, having 2-3 people ready to assist can be invaluable.

  • Essential Tools: Keeping a basic toolkit at hand, with tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, and wrench set, can facilitate the assembly process.

Post-Delivery Steps

  • Documentation: Document the unboxing process through photographs. This can be instrumental if any disputes regarding damages arise.

  • Inspect: Once unboxed, thoroughly inspect the sauna for any potential damages and verify that all components are present.

  • Assembly: Using the manufacturer's guide, begin the setup. Remember to keep the sauna/heater unplugged during this phase and only connect it post-assembly. Depending on the sauna kit you may need to hire an installer.

  • Testing: After assembly, power up the sauna. Check its temperature controls and ensure all components function seamlessly.

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Routine Cleaning: Post usage, always clean the interior. A mildly damp cloth is perfect for wooden saunas.

  • Natural Cleaners: Rely on organic cleaning agents to maintain the wood's quality and longevity.

  • Annual Checks: Conduct a thorough inspection annually to verify the electrical components' functionality and overall integrity.

Wrapping Up

Acquiring a sauna online involves more than just the purchasing aspect. From delivery to setup, each step is crucial. By abiding by the guidelines provided, you'll not only ensure a smooth delivery but also enjoy your sauna for years to come.

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