Best Types of Wood to Burn in a Sauna for Optimal Heat and Aroma
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Best Types of Wood to Burn in a Sauna for Optimal Heat and Aroma

Best Types of Wood to Burn in a Sauna for Optimal Heat and Aroma

Finding the right wood to burn in your sauna isn't just about creating heat; it's about crafting an experience. The right wood can enhance the aroma, longevity, and overall ambiance of your sauna sessions. In this article, we'll explore the best types of wood to burn in a sauna and why they make such a difference.

Best Types of Wood to Burn in a Sauna

When it comes to saunas, not just any wood will do. The type of wood you use impacts the heat quality, aroma, and even the longevity of your sauna stove. Let's break down the top choices.

1. Birch

Birch is a favorite for many sauna enthusiasts. It burns cleanly and produces a pleasant aroma that can enhance your relaxation. Birch also has a relatively high heat output, making it an excellent choice for maintaining a consistent temperature.

  • Heat Output: High
  • Aroma: Mild, sweet
  • Burn Quality: Clean, minimal smoke

2. Oak

Oak is known for its long burn time and high heat output. This dense hardwood is ideal if you're looking for a wood that will keep your sauna hot for extended periods. However, it does produce more ash compared to other woods.

  • Heat Output: Very high
  • Aroma: Subtle, earthy
  • Burn Quality: Long-lasting, more ash

3. Maple

Maple offers a good balance between heat output and aroma. It burns relatively clean and provides a sweet, mild scent that's not overwhelming. Maple is also readily available, making it a convenient option.

  • Heat Output: Medium-high
  • Aroma: Sweet, mild
  • Burn Quality: Clean, moderate smoke

4. Aspen

Aspen is another excellent choice, especially for those who prefer a wood that burns cleanly with minimal ash production. It's lighter than oak or birch but still provides a decent amount of heat.

  • Heat Output: Medium
  • Aroma: Light, fresh
  • Burn Quality: Clean, minimal ash

5. Alder

Alder wood is known for its sweet, pleasant aroma and clean burn. It's not as dense as oak or birch, so it won't last as long, but it's perfect for shorter sauna sessions.

  • Heat Output: Medium
  • Aroma: Sweet, mild
  • Burn Quality: Clean, minimal ash

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Sauna

Selecting the right wood for your sauna depends on what you value most in your sauna experience. If you prioritize a long-lasting fire with high heat, oak might be your best bet. For those who prefer a sweet aroma and a clean burn, birch or alder could be the way to go.

Tips for Burning Wood in Your Sauna

  1. Dry Wood Only: Always use well-seasoned wood with low moisture content to avoid excessive smoke and ensure efficient burning.
  2. Proper Storage: Store your wood in a dry, well-ventilated area to maintain its quality.
  3. Mix and Match: Consider mixing different types of wood to balance heat output and aroma.

Enhance Your Sauna Experience with the Right Stove

At Havenly, we offer a range of wood-burning sauna stoves designed to complement your choice of wood. Our stoves are engineered for efficiency and durability, ensuring that your sauna sessions are both enjoyable and cost-effective. Check out our collections to find the perfect stove for your needs.



What is the best wood for a long-lasting sauna session? Oak is ideal for long-lasting sessions due to its high density and long burn time.

Which wood produces the least amount of ash? Aspen and alder are known for their clean burn and minimal ash production.

Can I mix different types of wood in my sauna stove? Absolutely! Mixing woods can provide a balanced heat output and a unique aromatic experience.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right wood to burn in your sauna is crucial for creating an optimal sauna experience. Whether you prefer the long-lasting heat of oak or the sweet aroma of birch, each type of wood offers unique benefits. Remember to store your wood properly and use a high-quality stove from Havenly to enhance your sauna sessions. Happy relaxing!

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