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FREE Shipping & No Tax on All Orders Until 5/31 | Easy 0% APR Financing for 6 Months | 24/7 US Support Team 🇺🇸 (360) 233-2867

Customer Success Gallery

Welcome to our Customer Success gallery – a curation of tranquil retreats, all realized from our premium products. Dive into the world of relaxation, as told by the serene setups of our satisfied customers.

Celebrating Our Havenly Family

We take immense pride in helping families and individuals transform their spaces into oasis of calm. But don't just take our word for it. Witness the transformations for yourself.

Our gallery is not just about the products, but the experiences they foster. Explore, get inspired, and become a part of our ever-growing family.

Our Favorite Customer Setups

– George and Lily

As retirees, we wanted something to spend some time in at the end of they day. This sauna did just that. It's therapeutic, and the quality of the kit surpassed our expectations!

– The Mayers

Thanks for all your help getting sauna delivered. Gotter finished !! Went with a cedar shingle roof. Burns and heats perfectly. With the weather changing here in Minnesota , we are looking forward to many sauna experiences . Again many thanks

– Jared A.

"I’m a general contractor and just installed my sauna lumber from Havenly. The finish was was beautiful and smooth. They were very helpful when I had questions over the phone and even helped me spec out exactly what pieces I needed for my sauna. Highly recommend. "

– Patrick B.

We absolutely love the bunkies we built on our lake. We built 3 bunkies on our property instead of a cottage so our family could all have their own separate sleeping quarters. We all gather together in the main building we coined “The Shack” for cooking, eating and games.

- Jeanne and Steve

We finished putting the pod together last week end and we love it! It was fun to build and smells magnificent. Thank you!

– The Singh Family

We always loved the idea of a sauna but never imagined installing one could be so effortless (especially up in a tree 😂🌳). The kids adore it, and it's become our weekend ritual.

– Amelia & James

Our little corner of paradise! This sauna was the finishing touch our home needed. It's more than just a sauna; it's where we reconnect and rejuvenate.

– Rachel L

I live in a colder region, and this sauna has been a game changer for me. It's my warm cocoon during the freezing months. Simply sublime!

– Heather M.

I'm an author and I needed a quiet place to write. My backyard bunkie is a four-season writer's retreat. The view from my window inspires me as I write. Whether it's birds at the feeder, the wind in the trees, or snowflakes falling -- it's a getaway every day.

– The Harper Family, Aspen, Colorado

Amidst the snow-clad Rockies, our true north barrel sauna stands as a beacon of warmth. Each steamy session against the Colorado cold is a surreal contrast, making every snowy day a luxurious retreat. It's our alpine oasis.

– Max T, Triathlon Enthusiast

Post-training, I alternate between the sauna's embrace and the cold plunge's brisk challenge. It's not just recovery; it's a ritual. This combo optimizes my muscles and mind, giving me an edge in every triathlon. Absolute game-changer.

– Mike & Jess

Living out here, it's rocks and dust for miles. But inside our auroom cabin? It's a whole different world. It's our little luxury in this rugged land.

– Frank, Carpenter for Life

At 73, many said it was ambitious, but every cedar plank of this sauna has my blood and sweat in it. Building it from scratch was a journey, and now, each session inside is a reward. It’s not just wood and heat; it’s a testament to what you can achieve at any age.

– Jared M

"Transformative Experience! The team at Havenly brought my vision to life with a stunning custom sauna. Their attention to detail and personalized service made all the difference."

– Michael R

"Five Stars! Y'all exceeded my expectations with my custom sauna. It's not just a sauna; it's a work of art that complements my home beautifully. Exceptional work!"

– Connor F

"The professionals at Havenly made the entire process seamless. Their expertise in design and dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched."

– Jillian H.

"Awesome sauna - perfect in the backyard and can't wait to get this thing going in the winter. Helps my back so much."

– Noel S.

"The team at Havenly was helpful and knowledgable and answered all my questions about delivery, maintenance, different heater types, best practices, etc. I appreciate all the time they took to make sure I was happy. Thanks all!!"

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