Sauna Wood
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FREE Shipping & No Tax on All Orders Until 6/20 | Easy 0% APR Financing for 6 Months | 24/7 US Support Team 🇺🇸 (360) 233-2867

Sauna Wood

Designed for Simple Installation

Our sauna wall panels come in a tongue and groove profile to make installation and alignment easy, and our bench boards can be installed with no visible screws or installation hardware.

What's the Top Choice for Sauna Wood?

Western Red Cedar is a favored sauna wood in America, but in Finland, the country with the most saunas per person, they use many different types of wood that you might find more appealing. Havenly Decor provides a wide range of sauna woods for you to customize your sauna room.

The most durable and long-lasting woods for saunas are those that have been thermally modified. These woods are less likely to degrade over time and are more stable. Thermal modification is an organic method that uses heat, steam, and pressure to change the wood, making it more resistant to rot, less absorbent to moisture, and longer-lasting.


Thermo-Aspen has a deeper color and standout grain pattern, making it visually distinct. Havenly Decor stocks Thermo-Aspen from Thermory, a global sauna wood specialist. This all-natural, eco-friendly product offers improved comfort due to its low thermal conductivity. Its rich color provides a luxurious and cozy sauna atmosphere. Choose Thermo-Aspen for its warmth, longevity, and stability. It's perfect for sauna interiors and benches.


Natural Aspen is a top pick for saunas because it stays cool, doesn't release resin or splinter. Its light color and smooth texture give a modern and bright look to your sauna. Combining Aspen with other woods can create a stylish color contrast. It's an excellent choice for sauna interiors and benches.

Thermo-Radiata Pine

Thermo-Radiata Pine, a high-quality wood grown worldwide, boasts a beautiful, smooth grain that lends a unique, luxurious touch to your sauna. It has no knots, doesn't release resin or splinter, and stays cool, making it great for sauna benches. This thermally modified wood offers top stability, durability, rot-resistance, and less moisture absorption. Ideal for sauna benches and exterior cladding.


Alder wood, popular for saunas due to its heat tolerance and water repellency, has a reddish tone and pleasant texture, making it a great finishing material. Both attractive and tough, Alder is suitable for various interior features.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a top sauna material, prized for its traditional appearance and pleasing scent, as well as its resilience in damp conditions and coolness in sauna's high heat. This wood is versatile for sauna interiors, benches, and exterior panels.