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FREE Shipping & No Tax on All Orders Until 7/31 | Easy 0% APR Financing for 6 Months | 24/7 US Support Team 🇺🇸 (360) 233-2867
FREE Shipping & No Tax on All Orders Until 7/31 | Easy 0% APR Financing for 6 Months | 24/7 US Support Team 🇺🇸 (360) 233-2867

About Us

Premium Saunas, Sauna Heaters, Cabins and Other Wellness Goods Delivered Free To Your Doorstep! 

Life is full of stress. Let us guide you to the product that becomes your personal escape — your 'havenly place'.

At Havenly, we specialize in saunas, sauna heaters, hot tubs, cold plunges, and wellness related products. We are experts, so that you don't have to be. We offer top rated products shipped fast to the USA, financing options at 0% APR up to $30,000, and a knowledgeable team of experts located in the scenic beauty of Oregon here to assist you in your shopping journey.


Speed is King

We understand time is precious, which is why we prioritize efficiency at every step. From easy-to-navigate product information for quick decision-making, to prompt responses in customer interactions and fast fulfillment with rapid shipping - our goal is to minimize the time from your first click to the moment our products enrich your life.

Teach, Don’t Sell

At Havenly, we focus not on teaching our employees sales tactics, but on thoroughly educating our staff about our complex product range. This ensures that whenever you reach out with a unique question, our team is prepared with a wealth of knowledge to assist you in finding precisely what you need, that not just meets, but exceeds your expectations. Rest assured, when you contact us, you'll experience genuine guidance without any pressure to purchase.

Quality Comes First

Only the finest products make it to our website. Months of rigorous vetting and testing ensure that every item we offer is of the highest standard. We do the hard work of quality control so you don't have to wade through reviews. Continuously updated based on customer feedback, our selection represents the best in the market with unmatched warranties.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Recognizing the uniqueness of each customer, we offer over 50,000 product combinations, including specialized services like our custom sauna design program. Tailoring solutions to fit individual needs is at the heart of what we do, making sure every choice you make with us is the right one for you.


We partner with the highest-rated manufacturers in the industry to bring you superior products and services for residential and commercial applications. Our team provides consultative, expert support to ensure your satisfaction.



We are a North American online distributor for many great brands, including AuroomBunkie Life, Dundalk Leisurecraft, Dynamic, Golden Designs Saunas, Harvia, HUUM, Hooga, SaunaLife, Thermory, True North Saunas, Saunumand many others. We are an official authorized dealer of all of the products that we carry, which means that every product we sell is backed by an excellent manufacturer warranty. 



We have an incredible logistics channel with over 25 warehouses across the United States which all orders ship from. Any order placed within the U.S. will be shipped from our U.S. Warehouses (except select few custom products that are made in Canada or Europe and ship directly to you). Our delivery speeds average 4-7 days.


Helping customers find the right products and supporting them through the entire buying journey is our absolute top priority.  We are experts on our products so that you don't have to be.  If we don't know an answer, we'll get it for you.  Every time.  Just click on "Chat with an Expert!" in the bottom right of your screen or give us a call.  We are standing by, ready to help with ANY and ALL questions you have.  Seriously....we love to help.


At Havenly, you are guaranteed the highest quality products from the most trusted manufacturers. Each manufacturer has been chosen based on their quality and reliability, backed by strong product warranties.


We offer the lowest prices on the market along with free & fast shipping and no sales tax. The price you see is the price you'll pay and if you find a lower price online send us a message and we will match it.  

Thank you for choosing Havenly, we are here for you!


We work around the clock and you can always reach us at: 

Email: info@havenlydecor.com

Phone Number: 360-233-2867

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