Sauna Food: Best Foods and Drinks for Before and After Your Sauna Sess
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Sauna Food: Best Foods and Drinks for Before and After Your Sauna Session

Sauna Food: Best Foods and Drinks for Before and After Your Sauna Session

Saunas have long been cherished for their therapeutic benefits, but did you know that what you eat and drink before and after your sauna session can significantly impact your experience? From boosting hydration to replenishing lost nutrients, the right foods and drinks can make all the difference. Let’s explore some traditional choices that will complement your sauna time perfectly.

Why Nutrition Matters in Sauna Use

The intense heat of a sauna causes you to sweat profusely, leading to the loss of fluids and electrolytes. Eating and drinking the right things before and after your session can help:

  1. Maintain Hydration: Prevent dehydration and ensure your body functions optimally.
  2. Replenish Nutrients: Replace lost electrolytes and vitamins.
  3. Enhance Relaxation: Certain foods can promote relaxation and recovery.

Pre-Sauna Foods and Drinks

Before stepping into the sauna, you’ll want to prepare your body with foods and drinks that provide sustained energy and hydration.

  1. Watermelon: Packed with water and electrolytes, watermelon is an excellent choice for hydrating your body. Plus, it's light and easy to digest.

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  1. Cucumber Salad: Another hydrating food, cucumbers are mostly water and very refreshing. Combine them with a light vinaigrette for added flavor and nutrients.

Cucumber Salad

  1. Green Tea: Sipping on green tea before your session can boost your metabolism and provide a gentle energy lift without the jitters of coffee.

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  1. Oatmeal: A small bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruits like berries can provide sustained energy thanks to its complex carbs and fiber content.

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  1. Smoothies: Blending fruits, vegetables, and a bit of yogurt or almond milk creates a nutrient-dense, hydrating drink that’s easy to consume and digest.

Chia Berry Smoothie with Greek Yogurt

Post-Sauna Foods and Drinks

After your sauna session, it’s crucial to replenish the fluids and nutrients lost through sweating.

  1. Coconut Water: Known as nature’s sports drink, coconut water is rich in electrolytes, making it perfect for rehydration.

3 Health Benefits of Coconut Water | Woman's World

  1. Leafy Greens: Spinach, kale, and other leafy greens are packed with vitamins and minerals. A salad with a light dressing can be both refreshing and nutritious.

12 Benefits of Leafy Greens In Your Diet | Amy Myers MD

  1. Grilled Fish: High in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, grilled fish can help repair and build muscle tissue. It’s also light enough to avoid overwhelming your system post-sauna.

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  1. Berries: Rich in antioxidants, berries can help combat oxidative stress and inflammation. Plus, they’re hydrating and delicious.

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  1. Quinoa: This superfood is a great source of protein and complex carbohydrates, making it perfect for replenishing energy levels after a sauna session.

Healthy Peruvian Quinoa Salad

Traditional Sauna Snacks Around the World

Different cultures have their own traditional foods and drinks that they enjoy with their sauna sessions. Here are a few interesting ones:

  1. Finnish Rye Bread (Ruisleipä): Often enjoyed with a spread of butter and cheese, this hearty bread is a staple in Finland and provides a good source of energy.

Finnish Rye Bread by Finnish Food Girl | KeepRecipes: Your Universal Recipe  Box

  1. Russian Kvass: A fermented beverage made from rye bread, kvass is slightly alcoholic and probiotic-rich, perfect for rehydrating and aiding digestion.


  1. Japanese Onsen Tamago: These are soft-boiled eggs cooked in hot spring water, often enjoyed in Japanese bathhouses. They’re a great source of protein and easy on the stomach.

Onsen Tamago (Japanese Hot Spring Egg)

  1. Turkish Ayran: A refreshing yogurt-based drink, Ayran is great for cooling down and replenishing probiotics after a sauna session.

Ayran Recipe - Turkish Yogurt Drink

  1. Korean Barley Tea (Bori-cha): This traditional tea is often served in Korean saunas and is known for its hydrating and digestive benefits.

Korean Barley Tea (Bori Cha) Recipe

Tips for a Better Sauna Experience

  1. Stay Hydrated: Always drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sauna session. This cannot be emphasized enough.
  2. Avoid Heavy Meals: Eating a large, heavy meal before a sauna can make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable.
  3. Listen to Your Body: If you feel lightheaded or dizzy, it’s a sign that you need to cool down and hydrate.
  4. Cool Down Gradually: After your sauna session, take a cool shower or rest in a cooler environment to bring your body temperature down gradually.


Q: Can I drink alcohol after a sauna session? A: It's best to avoid alcohol immediately after a sauna as it can further dehydrate your body. Stick to water or electrolyte-rich drinks.

Q: How long should I wait to eat after a sauna session? A: It’s usually best to wait about 30 minutes to an hour after your session to allow your body to cool down and your digestion to normalize.

Q: What’s the best time of day to take a sauna? A: It varies per individual, but many find taking a sauna in the evening helps with relaxation and better sleep.

Wrapping It Up

Incorporating the right foods and drinks into your sauna routine can greatly enhance your experience. From pre-sauna hydrating snacks to post-sauna nutrient-rich meals, paying attention to your nutrition will ensure you reap all the benefits a sauna has to offer. So next time you plan a sauna session, remember to stock up on these traditional foods and drinks!

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