Sauna Parties: Hosting the Ultimate Relaxation Gathering
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Sauna Parties: Hosting the Ultimate Relaxation Gathering

Sauna Parties: Hosting the Ultimate Relaxation Gathering

Let's face it, we all need a little R&R from time to time. And what better way to unwind with friends than by hosting the ultimate relaxation gathering – a sauna party! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about hosting a top-notch sauna soiree, from choosing the right sauna and setting the mood, to sauna etiquette and FAQs. So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into the steamy world of sauna parties!

1. Choose Your Sauna Party Theme

First things first, you'll want to pick a theme that reflects the vibe you're going for. With a variety of sauna styles to choose from, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

a. Spa Day Extravaganza

Transform your sauna party into a full-on spa experience by offering a range of pampering treatments like massages, facials, and mani-pedis. Don't forget the cucumber water!

b. Zen Retreat

Embrace the calming power of nature by incorporating elements like bamboo, water features, and soothing scents. Encourage guests to participate in mindfulness exercises, such as guided meditation or gentle yoga.

c. Tropical Paradise

Bring the beach vibes indoors with a tropical-themed sauna party. Think tiki torches, leis, and fruity cocktails. You could even host a limbo contest for a fun, interactive twist!

2. Set the Mood

Once you've nailed down your theme, it's time to create the perfect ambiance. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Lighting: Soft, dim lighting will help set a relaxing atmosphere. Use candles, fairy lights, or LED lanterns to create a warm, inviting glow.
  • Music: Compile a playlist of soothing tunes that complement your theme. Instrumental tracks or nature sounds are always a safe bet.
  • Aromatherapy: Use essential oils or scented candles to fill the air with calming fragrances. Lavender, eucalyptus, and sandalwood are all great choices.

Pro Tip: To keep the temperature comfortable for guests not in the sauna, set up a separate relaxation area with cozy seating, blankets, and pillows.

3. Plan the Menu

No party is complete without delicious refreshments! For a sauna party, opt for light, hydrating fare, such as:

  • Fruit platters
  • Veggie sticks with hummus or yogurt dip
  • Chilled soups like gazpacho
  • Herbal teas or infused waters
  • Nutritious smoothies

Remember to have plenty of water on hand to keep guests hydrated throughout the event.

4. Know the Sauna Etiquette

To ensure everyone has a great time, it's important to establish some ground rules. Here are a few key points of sauna etiquette to communicate to your guests:

  • Shower before entering the sauna to rinse off any dirt or sweat.
  • Bring a towel to sit on, as this helps maintain hygiene and prevents direct contact with the hot surfaces.
  • Avoid wearing any jewelry, as it can become uncomfortably hot.
  • Keep conversation light and quiet to maintain the relaxing atmosphere.
  • Respect others' personal space.

5. Safety First!

When hosting a sauna party, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Make sure to:

  • Limit sauna sessions to 15-20 minutes
  • Limit sauna sessions to 15-20 minutes, followed by a cooldown period.
  • Encourage guests to listen to their bodies and exit the sauna if they feel unwell.
  • Keep a first aid kit handy in case of minor injuries.
  • Ensure that the sauna is well-maintained and functioning properly before hosting the event.
  • Brief guests on any safety guidelines or precautions specific to your sauna.

6. Get Creative with Invitations

To build excitement for your sauna party, send out unique and eye-catching invitations. Here are a few ideas:

  • Design a spa-themed e-vite with serene images and soothing colors.
  • Create DIY invitations shaped like steam clouds or bamboo stalks.
  • Send out physical invitations along with a small self-care item, like a bath bomb or essential oil roller.

7. Fun and Games

Who says relaxation can't be fun? Incorporate some interactive activities to keep your guests entertained, such as:

  • Guided meditation sessions
  • DIY face mask or body scrub stations
  • Sauna-themed trivia or a spa-related icebreaker game
  • A calming craft activity, like painting or adult coloring books


Q: Is it safe to drink alcohol during a sauna party?

A: It's generally best to avoid alcohol consumption during a sauna party, as it can lead to dehydration and other potential health risks. Stick to hydrating beverages like water, herbal teas, or infused waters.

Q: What should I wear to a sauna party?

A: Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is recommended for before and after sauna sessions. Inside the sauna, guests should wear a bathing suit or wrap themselves in a towel.

Q: How many guests should I invite to my sauna party?

A: The ideal number of guests depends on the size of your sauna and the overall space available. As a general rule, aim for a number that allows each guest to have enough personal space and avoids overcrowding. Check out saunas with different capacities like 1-person saunas, 2-person saunas, 4-person saunas, and 6-person saunas to find the perfect fit for your party.

Q: Can I host a sauna party in a public sauna facility?

A: Some public sauna facilities offer private rentals for parties or special events. Contact your local sauna establishment to discuss options and availability.


Hosting a sauna party is a fun and unique way to gather friends and loved ones for a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. By carefully planning your theme, setting the mood, and ensuring a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, you'll create an unforgettable event that will have your guests raving about their ultimate relaxation gathering. So go ahead, let off some steam, and get ready to host the best sauna party ever with the help of Havenly Decor's collection of saunas!

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