Step-by-Step: Building a Barrel Sauna Kit Like a Pro
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Building a Barrel Sauna!

Step-by-Step: Building a Barrel Sauna Kit Like a Pro

Ah, there's nothing quite like stepping into a cozy, steamy sauna to relax and unwind after a long day. And what if I told you that you can bring this experience right into your backyard? Building a barrel sauna kit might seem like a Herculean task, but fret not, my friend! With this detailed, step-by-step guide, you'll have your very own barrel sauna up and running in no time.

Grab your toolbox, and let's get down to business!

Step 1: Choose Your Barrel Sauna Kit

Before you dive headfirst into construction, you'll need to pick the perfect barrel sauna kit for your needs. Consider the following factors:

  • Size: How many people do you want to accommodate? Barrel saunas typically range from 6 to 12 feet in length.
  • Material: Cedar and redwood are popular choices for their durability, natural resistance to rot, and delightful aroma.
  • Heating Source: Will you go for a traditional wood-burning stove or an electric heater? Both have their pros and cons, so weigh your options carefully.

Step 2: Pick the Perfect Spot

Once you've selected your barrel sauna kit, it's time to find a suitable location. Keep these factors in mind:

  • Level Ground: Ensure the ground is level and stable to support the weight of the sauna.
  • Drainage: A well-drained area is crucial to prevent water damage.
  • Accessibility: Consider how easy it is to access the sauna, especially during the colder months.
  • Privacy: A secluded spot adds to the sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Step 3: Lay the Foundation

A solid foundation is key to a long-lasting barrel sauna. You've got a few options here:

  • Concrete Slab: The sturdiest option but also the most labor-intensive.
  • Paving Stones: An easier alternative that provides stability and drainage.
  • Decking: If you've got mad carpentry skills, a raised wooden deck adds visual appeal and keeps the sauna off the ground.

Step 4: Assemble the Barrel Sauna

Now we're cooking with gas! Follow these steps to put together your barrel sauna:

  1. Unpack the Kit: Carefully unpack and organize all the components. Double-check everything is accounted for before diving in.
  2. Build the Base: Assemble the floor and secure it to your foundation with brackets or anchors.
  3. Install the Staves: Begin attaching the wooden staves around the circumference of the base. Use a rubber mallet to tap them into place, ensuring a snug fit.
  4. Add the Bands: Slide the steel bands over the staves and tighten them evenly. Make sure there's no wiggle room between the staves!
  5. Install the Door: Fit the pre-hung door into place and secure it with screws.
  6. Attach the Roof: Assemble the roof sections and carefully lift them into place. Secure them with screws, and don't forget to add weatherproofing materials!

Step 5: Set Up the Heating System

With the structure in place, it's time to get steamy! Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your chosen heating system:

  • Wood-burning Stove: Install the stove, chimney, and heat shield according to the guidelines. Ensure proper ventilation and follow local fire safety regulations.
  • Electric Heater: Hire a licensed electrician to install the heater and connect it to a power source. Make sure the electrical components are properly grounded and comply with local safety codes.

Step 6: Add the Finishing Touches

You're almost there! Now it's time to spruce up your barrel sauna with these final touches:

  1. Install Benches: Assemble and secure the provided benches, placing them at varying heights for a versatile sauna experience.
  2. Add Lighting: Install waterproof, low-voltage LED lights to create a relaxing ambiance.
  3. Accessorize: Consider adding hooks for towels, a thermometer, a hygrometer, or even a sand timer to enhance the sauna experience.
  4. Apply a Protective Finish: Treat the exterior wood with a protective finish to prolong the life of your barrel sauna and maintain its beauty.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Barrel Sauna

Congratulations, you've done it! With the hard work behind you, it's time to fire up your sauna, invite your friends and family, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Remember to always follow safety guidelines and maintain your sauna to ensure a long-lasting, relaxing retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does it cost to build a barrel sauna kit?

A: The cost of a barrel sauna kit varies depending on size, materials, and heating options. Expect to spend anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, not including any necessary site preparation or electrical work.

Q: How long does it take to build a barrel sauna kit?

A: Building a barrel sauna kit typically takes 2-4 days, depending on your skill level and the complexity of the project. It's always a good idea to enlist the help of a friend or two to speed up the process.

Q: Do I need a building permit for a barrel sauna?

A: Building permit requirements vary depending on your location. It's essential to check with your local authorities to determine if a permit is needed for your project.

Q: How do I maintain my barrel sauna?

A: Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your barrel sauna's longevity. Sweep or vacuum the interior frequently, treat the exterior wood with a protective finish as needed, and inspect the heating system for any potential issues.


Building a barrel sauna kit may seem daunting at first glance, but with this comprehensive guide by your side, you'll be well on your way to creating the ultimate backyard oasis. By following our step-by-step instructions, you'll have a cozy, steamy retreat to enjoy for years to come. So roll up your sleeves, grab your tools, and get ready for some serious relaxation in the comfort of your very own barrel sauna. Happy building!

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