Golden Designs 4-Person Full Spectrum Near Zero EMF FAR Infrared Sauna
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FREE Shipping & No Tax on All Orders Until 7/31 | Easy 0% APR Financing for 6 Months | 24/7 US Support Team 🇺🇸 (360) 233-2867

Golden Designs 4-Person Full Spectrum Near Zero EMF FAR Infrared Sauna | GDI-8040-02

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What is the difference between your saunas and others out in the market?

  1. Our brand of saunas is #1 in the US by a landslide
  2. Quality of construction #1 in the industry
  3. Carbon (not Ceramic) infrared heaters
  4. 5 year Warranty 
  5. Fully loaded saunas
  6. Floor Heater
  7. Chromotherapy Lighting System
  8. Dual inside/outside control panel
  9. Thickness of walls and glass doors and windows
  10. 100% “A” grade Canadian Hemlock 
  11. Multiple support channels during and after purchase

What is the maximum temperature the sauna reaches?

The maximum temperature of this sauna model is 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Most often, people set the temperature at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here is the breakdown by time:
- 20 minutes to reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit
- 30 minutes to reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit
- 40 minutes to reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit
- 50 minutes to reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit

Can I place it outside or on the porch?

This infrared sauna is for indoor use only. It needs dry space (no moisture, rain, or direct sun) to prevent changes in the texture and durability of the wood. It is not advisable to place it in a semi-open space (for example, a porch). Additionally, this type of sauna needs a room temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit to heat up easily.

Can I install it on the carpet?

Yes, infrared saunas are completely safe to place on any leveled surface, including carpet.

How long and how many people does assembly take?

It takes about an hour for one - two people to assemble. It is not necessary to have an additional tool other than a standard screwdriver to fasten the door.

Does it need to be vented?

No, there is a dedicated hole for this on the top.

What is the operation cost?

The cost depends on the frequency of use, the duration and the price per consumed kWh charged by your electricity provider. On average, using this infrared sauna 5 times a week for 30 minutes raises the monthly electricity bill by approximately $20.

What is the difference between NEAR, MID and FAR Infrared and what is Full Spectrum?

FAR Infrared has the longest wavelength and penetrates the deepest in to the body tissue reaching the adipose tissue (fatty tissue) and activating the sweat glands. The sweat glands are one of the only mechanisms that the body has to eliminate toxins.

MID Infrared penetrates the body tissue leading to increased blood flow and circulation and reduces muscle and joint pain.

NEAR Infrared generates the most heat to your body, has a lower micron level and penetrates the epidermis layer of the skin leading to improved cell health, renewal of skin, tissue growth, and inflammation reduction.

Full Spectrum includes NEAR, MID, and FAR Infrared, so you get the full range of infrared health benefits, including lowered blood pressure, increased blood circulation, and sweating out heavy metals and toxins from the body resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

What is the difference between Low and Ultra Low EMF infrared?

The key difference between low and ultra-low EMF saunas is the level of electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions. Low EMF saunas emit EMFs within the recommended safety standards, usually below 3 milligauss (mG). Ultra-low EMF saunas, on the other hand, use advanced heating technologies to reduce EMF emissions to an absolute minimum, often below 1 mG. This results in an even safer and more health-conscious sauna experience with significantly reduced EMF exposure for the user.

Are your saunas safe and do they have any certifications?

They have been scrutinized and tested at the highest levels and have all the major certifications which include ETL, CETL, and CE.  All of our saunas are 100% wood, No laminates and contain NO toxic glues. In fact, the interior of our saunas are blind nailed (no nail heads showing) and smooth sanded by hand. In addition, we belong to the ISO 9001 quality control program.

Can I safely use a lap top, IPad, Ipod, Cell phone, etc…in my sauna?

You can take any device into your sauna and generally use it up to a period of 30 minutes.  The dry heat will not affect your device however we recommend not keeping a device in your sauna for a period of no more than 30 minutes.  We recommend this because some customers like their saunas very hot.  Sweating on your device is the biggest issue, so please be aware of this

How long have you been in business?

For 10 years and we are the leader in the Infrared Sauna industry and are the best at what we do!  

Do you offer sauna financing?

Yes! We're proud to offer financing (up to $30,000) through ShopPay, making owning a sauna more obtainable and affordable for everyone. Select ShopPay at checkout, then enter a few pieces of info for a real-time decision. Pick the monthly payment plan that works best for you; you’ll never pay more than you agree to upfront. You’ll get email and text reminders to keep you on track!

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